Body Love Is Always Available

Take a deep breath.

And then take another.

Reach your arms overhead & linger, moving this way & that.

Bring your hands down gently; leave one to rest on your heart & one on your belly.

Close your eyes and breathe this in: home. You are home.

With your hands on this precious body, feel that knowledge slip deep into your bones.

This is all that is certain in this moment.

Rather than letting that be scary, let it be enough.

In fact, let it be more than enough.

Let the magnitude of it fill your every perception and catch in your throat.

Let the force of love behind that take you over and swallow you whole.

Because you’re not just lovable,

You are love.

Let your hand on your heart & belly be your touchstone,

coming back to it whenever you need –

as often as you need.

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