Curvy Eagle Arms

You know as well as I do that I can’t resist a good eagle reference, so here we go —

The Eagle (arms) have landed!

Check out this vid with some modifications I use for Eagle arms.  These are my go-tos for when I don’t want to die a slow death of boob-smush-suffocation.  Can’t wait to hear what you do to rock Eagle!!

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Tweet: Check out this video with some modifications @CurvyYoga uses for the Eagle Arms pose!

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  • Rachel @ Suburban Yogini

    Oooh Eagle arms. Even us skinnyyogis with noboobsatall have troubles with this one. I have limitations in shoulder rotation because of the scoliosis and I do the arm crossing self hugging one too :)

  • Zo Newell

    Here’s my Zo-ga alternative:
    Extend your arms in front of you, palms facing.
    With straight elbows (still extended, in other words), cross the wrists and bring the backs of the hands together- fingertip to fingertip and wrist to wrist.
    Begin pressing the hands into each other; notice what happens in your shoulder blades.
    Maintaining the pressure of the palms, plug the top of your arm bones into the back of their respective shoulder sockets.
    Now bend the elbows and draw the elbows and forearms as close together as you can, while bringing the forearms to a vertical position.

  • Paula

    Let’s start withe the left arm. Bend the L arm 90 degrees at the elbow so the elbow is at the same level as the shoulder and the upper arm is straight. (Another way of saying this, is the upper arm is parallel to the floor at the level of the shoulder.) Draw that L elbow toward the the center of the sternum so the arm is now facing upward r(90 degrees) and in line with the center of the face. Place the back of the Right hand to the outside of the Left elbow. fingertips pointed upward. Extend the Right elbow to couch the Left elbow into its inner crease. Enjoy the stretch and Breathe.

    Repeat the other side of course.

  • Amber

    Super timely! We have eagle in yoga teacher training this weekend and I was looking forward to sharing modifications (as the only big yogi in the program). I’ll definitely be sharing these two. :)

  • Adrienne

    Thank you so much for this! Eagle has always given me trouble with my “girls” getting in the way!

  • Zoe

    Aw awesome! I love the hug idea! I also like the idea of taking the hands back to back at ninety degrees, and then I like to lift the arms upward as much as possible if the stretch needs to be deepened. I am definitely going to be giving myself more hugs and telling my students to do so also. :-) Thanks!

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      The hug option is pretty sweet. :)

      Love the back-to-back hands, too! I’m going to use that next time. Thanks!

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  • Debbie

    Thank you!! I have been avoiding this pose for a long time. Now I will bring it back into my practice!

    • Curvy Yogi Laurie

      As a ‘curvy’ yogi myself, I never thought about the hug yourself. Brilliant!!!

  • mamapajama

    oh my gosh. i love this…”hugging myself to console myself” made me laugh right out loud. so helpful! thanks!

  • Curvy Yogi Laurie

    As a ‘curvy’ yogi myself, I never thought about the hug yourself. Brilliant!!!

  • Melissa West

    You’re adorable! I love these modifications, especially the give yourself a hug one. Thanks for the reminder that we are going for the intention of the pose and not the shape. Love your site! :) xo Melissa