In many yoga classes, we encounter the lunge.  The lunge could be low (knee on the ground) or high (knee off the ground).  Either way it can pose a dilemma for the curvy yogi if modifications are not offered.

I use the word dilemma to describe the situation because, in my experience, I have often found myself choosing  between several options: (1) squishing my chest and belly in an uncomfortable way, (2) not being able to get my hands to the ground, (3) torquing my knee, or (4) some combination.

Here’s what I’ve found works for me.  Check it out and see if it works for you!

1. Begin in Downward-Facing Dog.
2. Step your right foot forward in little steps until it is between your hands.  (This transition will find its way into these posts sometime soon.)|
3. Step your right foot forward to the right an inch or two.  You may have to bring your hands wider here and/or come onto your fingertips.
4. Pause here, and then walk your left foot forward to meet your right in standing forward bend.
5. Slowly roll all the way to standing, head coming up last.
6. Repeat with the left leg coming into lunge.

The action in step 3 is what makes the pose accessible for me.  It gives me the ability to keep my knee tracking with my second toe and thus staying in alignment and keeping my knee safe.  If I keep my foot at hip bone distance, I can’t find the freedom in the pose that I can when I just give myself a little more room.