I love, love, love thread the needle pose.  My hips, like many people’s, get tight throughout the day–especially if you spend a lot of time at a desk, in front of the computer, or in the car.  The benefit of the pose comes when you can comfortably lie on your back and find the stretch in your hips.

Here are some things to try if you find it difficult to reach behind your thigh:
1. Lie back and bend both knees, placing your feet on the floor.
2. Bring your right foot just above your left knee.
3. Lift your left foot off the ground and start to find your edge.  Experiment with interlacing your hands behind your left thigh.  If you are straining in your neck or feel your upper back coming off the ground, try one of these alternatives:
(a) Bring a strap behind your thigh and use the strap in the same way you would your hands.
(b) Bring your left hand to your right ankle and your right hand to your right knee.  This modification allows you to support your right leg and also do some core work by holding your left leg in the air.

Happy hip opening!