When I was with my family over the holidays, I watched more TV than I usually do. While doing so, I realized that I’d somehow managed to forget (aka conveniently block from my memory) just how many diet commercials there are this time of year. It is completely unreal.

(If I see Jennifer Hudson one more time, I might scream!)


All this talk of making myself into a shiny new perfect person made me long for something else — more connection with my own body and more opportunities to get rooted and listen. So that’s what I’ve got for you in this final of our three holiday practices.

This is a time of year when we’re often asked to reflect. So in this practice, we’re going to invite in reflection, intention and attention — cultivating an awareness of our body that we can use as a springboard for showing it more love. This practice incorporates a number of standing poses to get you really grounded and ends with a brief loving-kindness meditation.
Here’s what you need:

Hope this gives you a great opportunity to really listen and develop more love for your totally fab body!


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p.s. If you missed the first two practices, here are the links: Hearts are Curvy and Wring it Out.

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