Sometimes I have a 10-minute window of time at work or at home when I want to move my body and do some yoga.  In these bits of time, I like to have a quick sequence in my back pocket that doesn’t require anything–no mat, no yoga clothes, no props, etc.  I can do this sequence just as easily in an airport as in my yoga space at home (well, maybe not just as easily, but certainly close).

Here it is (adapted from Big Yoga):

1. Stand facing a wall that has 2-3 feet of uninterrupted space (aka you’re not going to knock any pictures off the wall).
2. Begin by measuring your approximate arm distance from the wall.  Once you find that, stand there.
3. Inhale your arms overhead.
4. Exhale and hinge forward from the hips into Forward Bend.  Knees can be bent here, and hands can be in one of several positions: on the legs, dangling down, or grasping elbows.
5. Inhale and come half-way up to a flat back.  Hands can press into the shins or thighs here.
6. Exhale back into Forward Bend.
7. Inhale and come half-way up again, but this time you are going to pressyour hands into the wall in Puppy pose.  This pose is an accessible way to practice Down Dog, giving you the opportunity to work on alignment while you build strength.  Stay here for several breaths.
8. On your next inhale, step your right foot forward into a lunge.  Make any adjustments you need in order to open through the left hip flexor.  To increase the stretch, lean into the wall (and vice versa).  Stay here for a couple breaths.
9. On your next inhale, step your right foot back to meet the left and then step your left foot forward into a lunge on the other side.  Stay here for a couple breaths.
10. On your next inhale, step your left foot back to meet your right and gently drop your pelvis in toward the wall.  You may like to walk your feet in a bit before doing this.  This movement gives you a wall version of Cobra, and like Cobra, please be mindful of your low back.  If this is not comfortable for you, please skip this step and go directly to step 11 below.  Stay here for a couple breaths.
11. On your next inhale, shift your pelvis back and come again into Puppy.  Stay here for several breaths.
12. On your next inhale, bend slightly through the knees if they are not already bent and slowly release your hands from the wall, coming into Forward Bend.  Stay here for a couple breaths.
13. On your next inhale, come half-way up.
14. Exhale again into Forward Bend.
15. Inhale and come all the way up, arms overhead.
16. Exhale and bring your hands to your sides.

Repeat as time allows and then go on your merry way!