It’s that time again: time for more Curvy Yoga for Your Day!  Today’s edition focuses on standing poses (shout out to all my Curvy Yoga students on Saturday who gave this a whirl!).

To get started, check out this podcast I created which provides a great warm-up for a standing sequence.  It’s also something you could do any time during the day when you just want a quick way to move your body and refresh.

From here, work into your favorite standing poses by adding some dynamic movement.  Here are some examples:

1. From standing at the back of your mat, step your right foot forward 2-3 feet.  Turn your left toes out slightly to give you a more grounded stance.

2. Inhale and bend through the right knee (as deeply as you like, taking care to ensure your knee is lined up with your second toe.  You want them to stay together to avoid risk of injury to your knee).  Exhale and straighten the right leg.  Continue this on your own breath 3-5 more times.

3. After your last exhale, keep the right leg extended and hinge forward from your hips over your leg, coming into a stretch as pictured at right.  Hands can stay on the hips, come to the leg, or come to a block or two.  Take a few breaths here.  When you are ready to come out, inhale and bend slightly through the front knee, coming back to standing.

4. Step your left foot up to meet your right.  Hinge forward from your hips and come into a forward bend.  Hands can be pressing into thighs or shins.  Arms can also dangle here, or you can use a block.  After taking several breaths here, bend slightly through the knees, bring your hands to your hips, and gently rise back up to standing, head coming up last.

5. Walk back to the back of your mat and repeat Steps 1-4 on the other side.

After this, you have a few options.  You could repeat Steps 1-5 again; try any of the five-, ten-, or fifteen-minute editions of Curvy Yoga for Your Day; move into a practice of your making or a DVD; or go about your merry way.


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