Twelve Months of Video-Classes + Curvy Inspiration Delivered to Your Brand-New Curvy Hangout — (That You Just Won’t Want to Leave)!

When I ask the question, “What stops you from practicing yoga as much as you’d like to?” this is what I hear:

  • “I’d love to take regular classes, but the closest studio is a zillion miles away!”
  • “I’d love to take regular classes, but I haven’t found a style that works for my body.”
  • “I’d love to take regular classes, but ‘life’ gets in the way. I’m just too busy!”
  • “I’d love to take regular classes, but I want a community and can’t find one!”

Yup. Makes sense. I’ve said a few (erm, all) of those things, myself.

They’re all totally valid reasons to… not practice yoga.

Or, at least, they used to be.

Because with Curvy Monthly, the body-positive yoga you want + love is coming directly to your inbox … like curvy clockwork!



Get Yourself Signed Up for Curvy Monthly, and You’ll Receive…

Online Streaming Video

A new hour of online, streaming video classes (of varying lengths) — every month, for twelve months, in our mobile friendly (if that’s your thing) online studio.

Yoga Pep Talks

A yoga pep talk or other support from yours truly — every month, for twelve months.

Monthly Themes

Monthly topics and prompts to keep you connected with your practice.


The opportunity to request a buddy so you have your own yoga support line, whenever you need it.

Body Affirming Facebook Group

Access to a body-affirming Facebook community where you can geek out on All Things Yoga, post a pic of your cute new mat, and connect.

PDF Downloads

PDF downloads of new Curvy Yoga Guides, focused on topics chosen by you, the Curvy Monthly community.



New Site 2

“As I sit here with tears of joy in my eyes mixed with thorough excitement, I had to email you about the deepest heart felt experience I have had this week, which I know is DIRECTLY related to the heart opening poses from this month’s Curvy Monthly videos.

Yes…I have fallen in love….with the person I have kept trapped for way too long…..”




And! You’ll Also Get Loved Up With…


  • Access to 36 hours of archived video-classes and podcast recordings from previous years — enough to keep you challenged + inspired for a very, very long time! ($197 value)
  • A digital copy of Curvy Voices: 36 Stories of Yoga and Body Love
  • A digital copy of all of our Curvy Yoga Guides


New Site 1

Sneak a Peek at the Members Area!

We are SO proud of and excited about our new members’ area! We’ve created this to be as fun, interactive and easy-to-use as possible that we hope it will feel like showing up at your favorite studio — one that’s all body-positive, all the time.

In the members area, you will be able to:

  • Finally be able to show up in a (virtual) yoga studio and not feel like you’re the only curvy one around!
  • Ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask, like “Umm…what if my boobs are suffocating me in inversions?!”
  • Make new, body positive yoga friends (the best kind!)
  • Get support for yoga that actually works for your unique body
  • Dive deeper into yoga topics you’ve realllllllly been wanting to know more about
  • And so much more!

We have a seamless support system built in, so you’ll be able to make suggestions along the way, getting the content and support that you want and need!

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek at the site!



Ready? Let’s Go!


We’ve got two payment options for you, designed to work with your budget.

(1) Annual payment: Make your payment all at once and save some cash. The yearly rate is just $197/year. We’ll do the math for you: that’s $16.42/month — less than the price of a single drop-in yoga class at most yoga studios — for over $1000 worth of goodies (and that’s just what we can quantify, right now)!

(2) Monthly payment: Paying up front not feasible for your budget? We’ve got you covered! Our monthly rate is just $20/month — the price of a single drop-in yoga class in most areas.

Most of all, you get to actively participate in a space where curvy and body affirming needs are front and center. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Want to gift this membership to a friend? You can have someone to join in on the fun with and you’ll be known as someone who gives pretty awesome gifts! Click the button below to gift a membership today.


“I did my first Curvy Monthly video today. I got home and had a whirlwind of stress as I was trying to set up my space, and then I started this month’s 20 minute self-love restorative. By the end of that short routine, I was filled with peace, calmness, love for myself and a certainty to the choices I wanted to make next. I feel good in my body, and this is the best purchase I’ve made for myself in a long time. Thanks!”

~Tam Grant

Yoga is essentially the art of being nice to yourself. And being nice to yourself takes practice.

Stay committed, stay inspired and practice with me — and your Curvy Yoga family — with Curvy Monthly.

See you in our curvy hangout!


Curvy Monthly memberships renew annually. Please CLICK HERE  to view our refund policy and FAQs before purchasing as we do not offer refunds on this program.