Looking for an acclaimed expert on body acceptance, bold life transitions — and bringing YOGA to a (bigger) audience?

Well, Hello. Nice to Meet You, Too.

As the creator of Curvy Yoga — and a lifelong advocate for women’s health, happiness & confidence —  I’m living proof that when you grab life by the curves, life loves you back.

Ask me about…

  • Inspiring yoga pose modifications for bigger-bodied people. With 15 years of practice & over 5 years of teaching, I’ve got the anatomy and instruction down pat. Want images or video of curvy modifications in action? Email me.
  • Creating welcoming, accessible, inclusive studio environments for yogis of every size, age & ability. (It’s not rocket science. But it does take some attunement.)
  • My personal Yoga adventure from self-loathing to sheer celebration — 65 diets, 15 years of misinformation, and the mind-body breakthrough that changed everything.

Don’t be shocked if I . . .

  • Bring a light-hearted, spirited approach to serious topics. (It’s just what I do.)
  • Use deeply personal stories to frame universal lessons. Stories move us in ways that stacks of data simply . . . don’t.
  • Challenge your readers, listeners & viewers to bring their yoga practice off the mat, and into the world — where the real work begins.

Pop a question. Grab a soundbite. Curvy Yoga is my life’s work. If you want to shine a spotlight on the movement, I’m all ears. Get in touch or email me at anna@curvyyoga.com.

Get to know Curvy Yoga

Want to know a bit about Curvy Yoga? We’ve got you covered with these introductory blog posts:

Grab ‘n Go – My Bio

Anna Guest-Jelley is founder and CEO (Curvy Executive Officer) at Curvy Yoga, a training and inspiration portal offering classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, a virtual studio and lots of love and support to women of every size, age and ability — in six different countries, on three different continents, as well as in over 30 of the United States.

Anna is a writer, teacher and lifelong champion for women’s empowerment and body acceptance. Author of, “Permission to Curve: Inspiring Poses for Curvy Yogis & Their Teachers,” and co-editor of Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery & Loving Your Body (Llewellyn, Fall 2014), Anna has been featured online and in print at The Washington Post, xoJane, US News & World Report, Southern Living, Vogue Italia, Yoga International, Yoga Journal, CrazySexyLife, The Daily Love and more. Visit Curvy Yoga online at CurvyYoga.com.

Download my Full Bio here.

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