Permission to CURVE: New eBook, Video Library and Website!

The day has finally arrived! I’m SO excited to announce that my new eBook, Permission to CURVE: Inspiring Poses for Curvy Yogis & Their Teachers, is now available!

Lovely readers and students have been asking for this pretty much since I started Curvy Yoga. I was never quite sure how to approach it, though. There are lots of books on yoga poses (although admittedly only a couple on poses for curvy-bodied folks), but I knew I wanted the book to be more than yoga poses.

So I sat on a solid draft of this for over a year, and then I finally discovered how to move forward. I wanted the book to foreground self-acceptance and self-kindness, and I wanted the poses to be a tool for working toward that. And that’s how the book you see today has come into the world — as a vehicle for body positivity.

The Curvy Yoga book is finally here! Get your copy now! {Tweet this}

Watch this fun li’l video for more about the book!

In the book, you’ll find descriptions and photos of 60+ poses. You’ll also find inspiring quotes, stories from me and my lovely students and 15 videos of those poses that you just HAVE to see in action.

“Permission to Curve is just what I needed when I started my journey as a curvy yogi years ago! It’s a must-have guide for modifying yoga postures to work for your unique body, instead of squishing into some pose or forcing your body to look a certain way during yoga. Yogis and yoga teachers alike will discover something new in this inspiring eBook! I heartily recommend it!” ~Amber Karnes | Body Positive Yoga

In addition, for the more visual learners out there, you have the option to add on a video library that includes a video of every single pose in the book (yep, all 60+)!

To grab your copy (and one for a friend who you know would love to try yoga if she just had the right tools to do so), please click here. I can’t wait for you to have this in your yoga toolbox and hear what you think!

“I am absolutely thrilled to have Permission to CURVE in my yoga teaching arsenal!  Anna provides teachers with new ways to look at language and poses that is truly inclusive.  Many of her modifications and additions would be beneficial in chair, gentle or restorative yoga classes.  All are great for yogis of any size and teachers of any style.  This book is a must have for all who wish to teach a compassionate and open approach to the practice.” ~Nancy Alder | Flying Yogini

And while you’re here reading, please click around the site. It is shiny and new for you! (If you’re reading this in your email or online reader, please do click over to the site!) I hope you enjoy it; I am SO happy with it and really thankful to the folks who made it so, my friends at Proof Branding, especially Matt Cheuvront, Rob Williams and Brandon Gnetz. Kate Hall gets her own shout-out for making the eBook so beautiful and user-friendly. You should definitely get in touch with this great group if you need anything web related!

This week is a full-out celebration of all things Curvy Yoga! Stay tuned because I’m going to be back EVERY day with a special treat or announcement as a thank you for your continued support and loyalty. I’m your biggest fan!

Now go grab your copy of Permission to CURVE while it’s still hot off the press! I know you won’t want to miss it.

“Curvy yogis rejoice! Anna Guest Jelley is a brilliant voice with a powerful message for modern yoga about the journey to body positive affirmation and love. Anna shares her courageous personal story to find self love and acceptance through the path of yoga, and gives us alignment tips for body and soul. This book is not just for curvy yogis, but for all who have struggled with pain and self loathing about our bodies. The struggle to find her own path is now a gift for yoga practitioners everywhere to a view of yoga truly configured for EVERY body.” ~Cora Wen | YogaBloom

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  • Rosie

    Congratulations, bravo,and hooray! And I’d love to do a Q&A with you on my blog to help promote the book, Anna. If you are game, holler!

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      Thanks so much, Rosie! I’m game — will email you! :)

  • Emmanuelle

    Congrats on the new site and the new book and the tour and wow! You’re unstoppable :)
    I have a curvy student coming to my classes regularly and she knows her body fairly well, I am so proud of her – and she is too! – for doing what’s right for her and getting comfortable in some poses, and I can’t help thinking about you every time she comes to class.
    Keep it up!

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      Thanks, Emmanuelle! I love hearing this story about your student; she’s fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher! xo

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  • Christine

    Congratulations! The new site is just fab and your photos are gorgeous! I’d love to interview you about home practice for my blog. Email if you’d like to have that conversation :) Best, cs

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      Thank you, Christine! I’d love that and will be in touch shortly!

  • babs

    You rock my socks off!

    • Anna Guest-Jelley


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  • Eating as a Path to Yoga

    This is so exciting!

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      Thank you!!

  • Svasti

    This is WONDERFUL Anna, congrats! I’ll spread the word to all the yogis I know :)

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      Thank you, sweet friend! Much appreciated!

  • Sharon

    Hurrah! Hurrah! So happy for you, Anna!

  • dani williamson

    Congratulations on the book!! Love the website and the information! Keep up the hard work~ Dani

  • kellen

    Congratulations, Anna. Next time I am in Nashville, I will check out your class. I’m a skinny minny vata gal, who loves and appreciates the curves I do have. ;) Best to you always! Peace…Kellen
    p.s. my dear friend jane house introduced me to you.

  • Nayeema

    Congratulation. Great website. Wish you all the best.

    Nayeema Akter