Have you been wanting to start yoga but have no idea where to start? Or would you love to practice with self-acceptance and kindness but aren’t quite sure how to quiet your inner critic enough to make that happen? Or do you really want to support your curvy bodied students but need some help in making that happen? If so, I’ve got good news for you.

Introducing . . .

Permission to CURVE: Inspiring Poses for Curvy Yogis & Their Teachers

Permission to CURVE is a collection of 60+ poses & sun salutations for yogis of every size, age & ability. At its root, this book is about radical self-kindness, finding a yoga practice that works for uniquely wonderful you.

I’ve poured 13 years of yoga practice & several years of teaching experience with curvy students into this 120 page bundle of safe, sane & inspiring modifications. Because it’s digital, this eBook is highly interactive, giving you the ability to start or develop your yoga practice. Unlike other asana books, you can really engage with Permission to CURVE, learning about each pose in several different ways, taking the guesswork out of the equation. This is the best of Curvy Yoga, made portable.

It’s all about granting yourself permission to do yoga, your way. With a softer heart, a stronger foundation — and a sense of curiosity & PLAY.

You’ll find simple instructions for each pose, with illustrative photos & 15 video interludes with quicky sequences — plus personal stories, words of encouragement & you’re-not-alone-isms. You’ll also find thoughts on what it really means to have an “advanced” yoga practice (hint: it’s not balancing on the tip of your nose) and how to meet yourself exactly where you are — in this moment, with the body you have today (which is something I’m pretty sure we all could use, regardless of our shape or size!).

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Give Yourself Permission to CURVE!

Permission to Curve

Spark your at-home yoga practice. Enhance your usual routine.

Explore new techniques for your bigger-bodied students.

They’ll thank you. You’ll thank you. And we’ll all curve on, together…

Logistics: The eBook is available as a PDF, so it should be readable on any computer and/or tablet/device/eReader.

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Want to be doubly sure you’re “getting it”? Add on a library of videos – in-action instruction for every pose (yep, all 60+!). The videos are watchable on my site and also downloadable.


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