In today’s episode of Love, Curvy Yoga, I interview a member of the Curvy Yoga community, Erin Van Krimpen!

Inside this episode, you’ll hear us talk more about:

  • How Erin found a yoga practice that actually worked for her
  • The powerful moments when her yoga and body acceptance practices have shown up in her everyday life
  • What has changed for Erin since she made yoga part of her life

Meet Our Guest, Erin Van KrimpenErinVK

Erin Van Krimpen is a social justice and human rights lawyer by day, and spends her spare time as an existential crisis particularly concerned with not being identified solely as a social justice and human rights lawyer.  In the brief moments between worrying, she blogs at and, is one half of The Anxiety Shut In Hour and spends time with her dog Winston.  You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr as @erinaree.

Show Notes

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