Reclaiming the Holidays for Body Peace

What if we took back this holiday season?

What if instead of questioning ourselves about another trip to the dessert table, we celebrate our ability to fulfill our desires?

What if instead of eating until we’re miserable, we pat ourselves on the back for eating exactly what we want in the amounts that feel good — because we trust both ourselves and that more will be available when we want it?

What if instead of feeling the siren call of food repentance after the holidays, we could stand back and reflect on a holiday season well-lived and well-loved — beginning with our own body?

It’s amazing what a reframe can do sometimes — even if just momentarily.

Because I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of feeling satiated — in every sense of the word — during the holidays. Not stuffed with Aunt Sally’s conversation. Not miserable with too much shopping. Not exhausted from late-night wrapping parties. Not wrung out from party eating guilt. Not cramped from too many hours in the car and not enough yoga.

Here’s what I’d like instead:

Bountiful love — both given and received, starting with myself

Ongoing feelings of spaciousness

Direct conversations with myself about what I truly need and want

Yearning for wholeness that turns into actualization

Permission to follow what feels good

Ease in my body, heart and mind

Appreciation for my body — just as it is

Centering whenever I need it

Enjoyment of each moment and day

Here’s wishing you your own BODY PEACE this holiday season.

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  • Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit

    Love this and I couldn’t agree more! :D

  • Lora Hogan

    Anna, your post made my day! I’m sorry I’ve been remiss in reading your site frequently. I’ve signed up for the emails so I don’t forget. You hit the nail on the head. Can I just raise my arms in the air and say “I second!!” Well done! :)

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