The Curvy Seven with Trish Elting

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1. What’s your yoga origin story?

This could be a long drawn out story, but I’ll keep it simple.

I had anxiety. It was bad. I found yoga. It helped. A lot!

What I loved about the style I found was it didn’t require me to do or be anything other than myself.  I didn’t have to go out and gather any special clothes or supplies, in fact for the first three months I didn’t even practice with a yoga mat.

2. What pose do you love?  Loathe?

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First, I’ll say that I don’t practice all the poses out there (because that would just be silly!). I practice the poses that are appropriate for me, the ones that help me feel great.

Because of that, I’m pretty good friends with all the poses I practice. But, I have been overheard on more than one occasion telling my students that parsvottanasana is one of my favorite poses.  There’s a certain variation that makes me feel like the most elegant graceful sort of bird, and feeling like a graceful bird is a definite plus.

The poses I’m not good friends with are the ones I don’t practice.  That pretty much includes anything that requires me to be upside down, balance on my arms, or place a limb somewhere, well… highly abnormal. I just don’t go there, for many reasons.  The main one being I don’t want to. It’s not my thing.

3. What advice would you share with other curvy yogis?

-Don’t let anybody tell you yoga is about achieving some grand and glorious pose, because it’s not.  Yoga is about you.

-Explore what you feel like exploring.  Move on when you feel like moving on. Ask yourself why you are practicing and what yoga is giving you. Discover what it is you love about yoga, and then… do that. Focus on that, and keep returning to that bit you love the most.

-Be consistent, not perfect, just consistent.

4. Who’s your favorite curvy icon?

My favorite curvy icon would have to be Oprah, because she never stops growing. She just keeps evolving herself right in front of our eyes, trying new things, moving in new directions, inspiring in new ways.  She is a living example of the fact that things are always changing, and we can change, and grow, and transform ourselves many times throughout our lives. She shows us that we are capable of greatness, simply by being ourselves and doing what we do.

5. What’s your favorite Yoga Resource?

I think that a great teacher and a personal home practice are the best resources you could ever have.

A teacher- When you find a teacher that you connect with, one that teaches in a way that makes sense to you, one that can help you understand how a practice can support you in living your life.  Stick with them and learn everything you can from them.

A home practice- When practicing yoga becomes a regular part of your self-care routine (not just a class you attend on Thursday nights) your practice will become your best teacher. It is from a personal practice that you will gain the deepest and most profound insights about yoga, and about yourself.

As for resources to add to your home yoga library- I highly recommend anything by Gary Kraftsow. Books: Yoga for Wellness, & Yoga for Transformation.  He also has videos available that are totally worth having around.

Oh, and possibly the most important book you could ever have in your yoga library… your own home practice journal, where you record your discoveries about your practice and the impact yoga is having in your life.

6. What Quote Inspires You?

Glinda the good witch: “You don’t need to be helped any longer.  You’ve always had the power.”

7. Wild Card, anything else you’d like to share?

Yoga isn’t really something you ‘do’.

Yoga is something you become.


Trish Elting is an AVI Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Therapist + RYT-500. When she’s not teaching private yoga lessons, helping students create beautiful at-home practices, or blogging her lil’ heart out, she’s the front chick for a yoga- and chant-inspired cello band.  Trish hosts nurturing retreats for yoga teachers and yoga lovin’ non teachers, and is the creator of Just Keep Breathing – The (Surprisingly Simple) Foundations of Yoga, a six week online yoga adventure.  Hang out with Trish over on facebook, or twitter.


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