I rank sports bra shopping right up there with bathing suit, jeans and holiday gift shopping.  No matter what I do, I can’t find the right fit, and inevitably there’s crying involved (usually on my end, although at the holidays, it’s anyone’s guess — the crabby Santa, the mob of children who have taken over, etc.).

TGFI (Thank Goodness for the Internet)

Bless my little heart, this thing called the internet has alleviated many of my shopping problems.  I no longer have to make the trek (not sure if that’s an epic enough description — perhaps journey or voyage would more adequately capture my angst and the prolonged nature of these trips) to the mall.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  The one where you dredge along from store to store, becoming infinitely more defeated after you leave each one?  The one where you start silently cursing under your breath that someone hasn’t invented a nap store yet — because, by god, that’s the one thing this mall could actually offer you that would be worth anything?

Yeah; me, too.


So now I get to anxiously await a package in the mail, rip it out of the box and try it on — until to find, inevitably, that there is no way it’s going to fit, look right, be the same color it seemed to be online, etc.  Basically, it’s not much better than going to the mall — except that I didn’t have to go to the mall, and that’s reason enough to keep doing it.

That is, until I discovered the beauty that is asking your pals via social media what they like.  And that’s just what I’ve done for today.  A fabulous reader asked me about my favorite sports bras for yoga, and I had to admit I didn’t have one.  So I got about the business of finding one.

Sports Bra Dreams Fulfilled

I asked y’all what you like, and the list of recommendations that came in (some are for companies and some are for specific bras) is below.  The range of sizes for these bras vary, but I decided to include the whole list so that you could check these out and see what might work for you.

Before we get to the list, though, I want to mention the brand that got the most recommendations — Enell.  And the people who sent these recommendations raved about their bras.  I’d never tried them before, but fortunately Enell caught wind of my request for recommendations on Twitter and sent me one of both of their bras, Enell Sport and Enell Lite, to try.

And OMG, I can see why people wrote such glowing recommendations.  (Even Oprah has featured them on her show — twice.)  I’ve been giving my Enells a spin, and they are truly the best sports bras I’ve ever tried.  Now, I’m not like a professional sports bra tester or anything, so it’s not like I’ve tried that many, but these are seriously awesome.  I have never felt so fully supported before.  As not only a yoga student but a yoga teacher, this is huge for me.  Before Enell (or BE, as I’ll now refer to it), I was constantly worried about how much boobage I’d be showing when teaching class.  And now?  Crisis averted!  I only have the teeniest tiniest bit of cleavage now — even in Down Dog or other boobalicious poses.  Hooray!

I used the Enell Lite for yoga, and it was perfect.  I used the Enell Sport for some elliptical time at the gym, and it was also amazing.  I wore the Sport to yoga and found it to be a bit much for me, but that in and of itself is incredible.  A sports bra that gives me a little too much support?  Well, I never.

Word to the wise if you’re thinking of giving Enell a try: take the time to figure out what size you need.  They have a handy guide on their site, and it is well worth it to make sure you are precise with this.  The Enell folks cautioned me ahead of time that these don’t have much margin for error, and that’s no joke.  The other thing that was new to me is how high up these bras come on the chest.  It totally makes sense because they give you great support, but I wasn’t expecting it, so I got mine in light colors.  Now I wish I’d gotten black because the straps show more than my other bras (because I almost never wear crew neck shirts; they’re just not my thing, but if that’s what you wear, you’ll be fine), and I almost always wear one of my bazillion black tanks under my tops when practicing/teaching yoga. The Enells are a bit pricey, but so are many sports bras in my experience, and if you can swing it, I think they’re totally worth it.

The List

Let’s get to it!  Here’s the list of all the other fab bras that keep y’all covered — literally.  I haven’t tried any of these personally, but I’ve heard lots of good things about these.  Check these out and see what works for you.  The more options, the merrier!

Your turn: do you have a sports bra you can’t live without that’s not featured here?  Please leave it in comments so others can learn more!  Got a glowing rec for any of the ones above?  Share the love!
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