Walking Your Talk Sucks (Or, Why I’m Cancelling CurveFest)

Last weekend, my husband and I ventured out to a local festival, the Tomato Art Festival (yes, it’s what it sounds like — an homage to all things tomato). We had a delightful time, taking in tomatoey goodness and chatting with neighbors we hadn’t seen in awhile.

A few hours after we got home, though, I felt less than delightful. My right knee was swollen, aching and hardly functional.

And this wasn’t the first time.

What’s Up, Doc?

Ever the optimist, I decided to get myself to a doc — just as a precautionary measure. I was sure it was just a quick ice/rest thing — no biggie.

The doc had good news and bad — the good news is that my knees are overall in pretty good shape, and the long-term prognosis for my right knee is positive — if handled well now.

And therein lies the rub.

Because the bad news is that without physical therapy, rest and exquisite care for the next several months, my right knee will get much worse. It’s likely become like this due to an ankle injury from 4 years ago that never properly healed (because my doctor told me to go on a diet instead of actually getting the help I needed until it was too late).

You know those little nagging aches and pains that we (or, at least, I) routinely ignore? Because stopping to deal with them would be too inconvenient?

Yeah, it’s one of those. Except now it’s yelling instead of nagging.

First Instinct

My first instinct was to come up with a plan for all the ways it would be fine to do the workshops anyway. Surely with a knee brace, ibuprofen, icing before/after, an assistant for the workshop, riding one of those beeping thingies at the airport, rest for a couple days before/after, I’d be able to make it through.

I could teach, have fun meeting people, come home, rest and do it again the next weekend. Yes, it would take a lot out of me, but not disappointing people is more important, right?

Second Instinct

I find, perhaps unsurprisingly, that my second instinct is usually best regarding self-care.

Because my first is always to throw myself under the bus.

On second thought, I realized that sacrificing my long-term knee health and well-being probably wasn’t that great of an idea. And I also recognized that “making it through” isn’t what I want to be about as a person or teacher.

Of course, I work with students with knee problems all the time. It’s one of the primary things I teach the Curvy Yoga teachers. But my first priority with my students is always to follow their doctor’s recommendation, so I didn’t think it was right to not hold myself to the same standard. 


When I checked in with my body and heart about what was best to do, the answer was clear.

I knew I had to cancel.

But I still couldn’t trust it. Was I just making an excuse? Or was doing it despite what I knew to be best the excuse to keep up my non-self-care ways?

Shame Sandwich

This past week has put me up against all of my baggage. It hits all my buttons about not disappointing people, my personal worth being in my work, the idea that taking care of myself is selfish in a bad way and even my body image.

To say I’ve been in the weeds a bit is an understatement.

I’ve had my commitment to self-care tested beyond belief. I had all my ingrained working-hard-is-what-makes-you-a-good-person beliefs up against my more newly developed if-you-don’t-take-care-of-yourself-you-can’t-do-anything-else beliefs.

I was (very) often in doubt over which would win.

I described this to a friend as being in a shame sandwich. And I think that’s going to be a metaphor I work with for awhile – because that’s exactly what these situations feel like, right?

We feel trapped, sometimes even smothered, between our competing beliefs, our gut instinct and our “shoulds.”

Disappointing People

Some people have already told me that they are angry with and disappointed in me for deciding to cancel. I knew that might happen, though, and I certainly respect their feelings and opinion. I know that not everyone would have chosen the same.

I very nearly didn’t myself.

When I read the angry responses, I first felt a flush of shame, followed by righteous indignation. “Where do they get off?!”

But then I took a few deep breaths and gave myself some time. I saw how clearly their response had just as much to do with them as it did with me. And I realized that my job wasn’t to talk them out of being angry, to convince them how awesome I am — it was to explain my position further with compassion and love and then leave it at that.

Even if they remained angry. Even if I lost a relationship.

I can’t even tell you how simultaneously proud and pukey it makes me to say that out loud. I knew someone was disappointed in me, and I didn’t recant and sacrifice myself just to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

(In case you’re wondering, yes; this may be the first time I’ve been brave enough to do this. And yes, I’m pretty sure it’s a miracle — a minor one, at least.)

Choosing Self-Care

I made my final decision to cancel the tour when I realized this – that what I teach above anything else is self-care. This is the (clearly ongoing) lesson of my life and what I’m here to talk about. Yoga is my vehicle to this work because it enables us to get really clear and listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Not only that, it teaches us how to act on what we hear.

This decision – to take care of ourselves or sacrifice our wellbeing for something/someone else – is one we’re each faced with on a regular basis. I often feel I’m faced with this daily, if not hourly.

It comes up in myriad small and big ways – “Do I have lunch at my desk while catching up on email, or do I eat at a nearby picnic table and take 30 minutes to rest and renew?” “How do I tell my family member that I can no longer be their stand-in therapist?” “It won’t be a big deal if I stay up three hours late tonight, right?” “I’m sure that pain I’m feeling is nothing; there’s no need to spend the time/money to get it checked out.”


Ultimately, I knew I couldn’t stay in my integrity as a teacher if I chose to sacrifice my health for doing this tour. I would feel like a fraud, and I don’t think that feeling is particularly conducive to any of us being able to learn more and go deeper.

And, really, I think this is at the root of all of our self-care decisions. How can we stay in our own integrity while also being in relationship with others?

Because of course, of course, I want to see and spend time with y’all! I’ve been so looking forward to this!

But on the other hand, I know that self-care is an inside job, and that no one would stop me from not prioritizing it. Not really, anyway.

Next Steps

So although we won’t be able to meet in person this time around, I have some other fun fall plans cooking that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks.

If you’re one of the precious people who already purchased a ticket for a workshop in your area (thank you, thank you!), you will receive a follow-up email shortly. If you purchased from me, you will receive your refund by the end of the week. And if you purchased from a local studio, they will be in touch soon.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and commitment to your own self-care, especially when it feels impossible. And when you worry that letting yourself down is the better option than letting others down. And when you get caught in the story that you will lose everything by making one decision to be kind to yourself. And when you feel you’d rather sacrifice your health than feel embarrassed or ashamed or frustrated (because, trust me, I’ve been feeling ALL of that) by telling the truth.

We each have to renew our commitment to ourselves on a regular basis, and if I can’t do it, I can’t have a conversation with you about it, either.

Here’s to all of us making our self-care a priority. I’m so humbled and honored to be in this process (and goodness knows it is one!) with you.

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  • Ally Davis

    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

  • http://yogitastic.com Yogitastic

    Can I just say something? I AM INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU. As a teacher I have pushed when I should have pulled back and that’s just for a class. I can’t even imagine how much harder this was. It was a courageous decision and I know you didn’t do it to impress me but I’m impressed anyway.

  • http://browneyedyogini.wordpress.com/ Toni

    Of course I was really disappointed and a little angry (only the first 2 minutes)…but that’s that little selfish side of me that sometimes sees myself as the center of everything..but I can appreciate what you’re going through…especially not wanting to disappoint others…(which also comes with not wanting to have confrontations for me.) But I also have been realizing that self-care is becoming more and more important…that it’s becoming about what needs to be done some days and not what “should” be done. I also have experienced not prioritizing going to the doctors-and am remedying that….because how can I care for my family-including showing that taking care of yourself is important-if I don’t do it?
    Take care of that knee girl. I’ll talk to you soon.

    • http://www.fullfiguredmag.com Je Tuan Lavyone

      This was great for me to read. Happy to read that you are taking you self care seriously. I find myself struggling with this daily and sometimes I will sacrifice my own well being for others. This is a reminder of why it’s so important to take you own well being seriously. I hope you continue on this journey and that your knee heals so that you can get back to healthily doing what you love.

  • http://www.slogoyoga.com Susan Rooker

    Isn’t so odd how The Universe keeps throwing THE SAME lesson(s) to us until we change? There is so much Truth in what you wrote, particularly about the Shame Sandwich. (I love that metaphor by the way.)

    You ARE teaching by example. We’re taught at such an early age to “Honor your Commitments” but never taught that there ARE exceptions to that. There are. Perhaps you are opening the door to others – so they too may care for themselves. (I know you do for me. Today is the day I begin to truly nourish my Self and my body, Thank you)

    Namaste Sweetie

    • http://www.clickthegoodnews.com Amanda @ Click. The Good News

      oh no, I’m really sorry to hear about your knee. I know this was a tough situation, and I admire you for putting yourself first and being a great example of authenticity and courage. I’m sure your new plans will be bigger & better! Take care :)

  • http://www.yogarecovery.com Kyczy

    What an excellent description of the back and forth struggle between lip service and real service; the real service of living our intentions. As I look at my life, my struggles and physical pain trying to decide if more of the same will help or hinder healing, I am really LISTENING to what you said. I have some decisions to make. Be well and heal fully.

  • http://www.movetrue.com Zoe

    Anna, you continue to inspire. You eloquently speak the quiet conversation that happens in me and I’m grateful to read it coming from someone else too. I’m sorry about your knee and the bummer of having to cancel Curve Fest. I know that your next projects, fests, programs, ect. are going to be beautifully wonderful and that everyone will receive what they need, including you and rest! Thank you for standing up for and following the wisdom of your body and the integrity of your teaching. By doing so, it may seem like you’re doing something just for yourself, but you’re also doing something for a lot more teachers and students than you realize, ok at least one here :-) And I would say “get well soon” but I want to leave the speed of healing up to the knowing of your knee. So, love and peaceful healing!

  • http://LincolnYogaCenter.com Katy

    What a great article to start my Monday! After you heal up please know you always have an invite to Lincoln, NE – we’d be honored to show you the self-care love that we live by! Been teaching for 12 years and always knew I was guided well through the regular practice of yoga but never thought about it in the way that you describe. Thanks for pointing out the obvious – I’ve been enlightened! Bravo.

    • http://www.dionneelizabeth.com Dionne

      Thank you for sharing, you brave and brilliant woman. You’re a sweet dose of courage and you are doing the right thing. Health and wellness first. Then we can be there for others, as you said.
      Love galore! x

  • http://colemig@charter.net Colleen Emig

    Anna: Take care of that knee….I know your dilemma and pain. I had a torn medial meniscus and arthritis in my right knee(my doctor misdiagnosed it as tendonitis)until a Baker’s Cyst developed. Had surgery on knee a year ago last April. I still get flare-ups, but I now know when to back off my yoga when it does that. Your physical and mental health depend on a many things, and a functional knee is one of them. Hand in there and hope to get to meet you in the future.

    • Alison Robinett

      I wish you the very best. Sometimes taking care of ourselves is the hardest things to do. I think it was very wise to listen your body and your heart and make the hard decision, but the one that you knew needed to be done. Quick healing for body and soul.

  • http://www.bodylovewellness.com Golda

    What a beautiful post, as usual. I know how hard this must be for you. Perhaps after getting the TLC you need you’ll be able to do Curvefest (or something equally wonderful) comfortably and happily! xo

    • Jenn

      You do what you have to do- we’ll still be around. Getting better is top priority!

  • Audra

    Thank you so much for sharing this internal struggle! I teach preschoolers with autism and often find self-care falling at the way side because I feel like I have to do one more thing for them… Only it adds up. My practice disappears, and I burn out. It’s ironic because I end up being of even LESS value to them — and lose touch with myself. I really appreciate your honesty about all the feelings that come up, and I know I’ll return to this piece again and again as the school year starts.

  • Adelaide McLean

    First, I must thank you for sharing your thoughtful, well-written exploration of a dilemma that we all run into. Second, I truly commend you for your choice to “walk your talk.” Your decision (which I know was was difficult for you) was a perfect example of how choosing to work through the feelings that our “old programming” can bring up can bring us to more appropriate decisions. Good for you!

    Thanks for your example and I hope you heal fast!

  • Nic

    Hi Anna,
    Yay you for doing the right thing – I think its an easy thing to put other people’s wants and needs before your own, especially, as you point out, where they are likely to be not best pleased.
    As someone quite special and brilliant said …be the change you want to see in the world… and you are surely are a great and powerful role model for us all by affording yourself such respect.

    • http://www.blissfulliving.org Alison Colyer BlissfulLiving

      100% support you on your decision (easy to say I know when it doesn’t affect me). Also I’m really impressed with your courage to describe that process and to stick to it despite all those inner promptings to put the needs of others before your own self care. And … in response to those who have not been loving and understanding may I suggest you take to heart a beautiful quotation I read this morning:

      Don’t stay where you are tolerated – go where you are celebrated.

      We are all celebrating your decision to walk your talk.

      Get well soon. x

  • Alisabeth

    Thank you for sharing with us what you have been going through. I hope that you get well soon. Because of my own recovery from my eating disorder, I understand where you are coming from. Every day for me has to be about self care and self compassion; otherwise, recovery would not be possible. Sometimes I have to do it in little ways, and sometimes I have to do it in big ways. Thanks for being such a great role model.

  • narimda

    This is the core of yoga, isn’t it? Making a decision that feels right from within but goes against a lot of opinions and expectations of others. I take off my hat and bow to you in admiration for making this difficult decision. And thank you for describing the feeling with such clarity. Hope your knee will soon heal.

    • Lynn

      Fabulous, thank you!! I very much needed to hear this just now — my wedding is TWO WEEKS from today and it’s waaayyy too easy to get lost in all the hurry and details and how important the day is. It IS important, but not more important than *I* am :)

      And I’m very happy for your knee, since it’s clear it’s in very good care — yours.

  • Melanie

    Thank you for being so open and honest. Your story is one every exercise instructor knows; we all have pushed past where we should have said no.
    Good job putting yourself.

    • Carol

      Take care of yourself!! Maybe part of your therapy will be some nice slow, easy, restorative classes in Nashville again soon. hint, hint. :)

      Miss you and always read your blogs.


      • http://mirrorhealth.blogspot.com Melanee Dahl

        Anna, I have to tell you that this is honestly an answer to literal prayers I’ve been having. Let me explain. I wasn’t going to be attending the Curvy Fest (which is a bummer and I would love to one year), but I’ve been up against a very difficult decision about teaching. I’ve been dying. My health is suffering and so is my family, but how could I cancel a class that had people coming to it? How could I do that? I had finally decided last night to cancel the class when this morning I had new students and I thought, “now there’s no way I can cancel.” I just felt I had to keep going and it was killing me. The internal battle has been intense. When I read this today I finally know what I have to do. Thank you for your bravery, honesty, and example. I needed it. I’m going to cancel the 6 am class. At least until my infant is sleeping through the night. My health and family is more important at this point. An empty well can give no water. Thanks for the reminder. If you can do it, I can too.

    • http://bodypositiveyoga.com Amber Karnes

      Take care of that knee! And good for you for “taking your own advice” and modeling self care which is sometimes really hard to do!

  • http://13.blackswanyoga.tv Leigh

    so proud of you for making the choice to take care of your self! there will be more curve fests in the future. keep shining your beautiful light!

    • Robyn

      I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that you recover quickly and fully and can get on with loving and living the life that you want. I will be thinking of you and, yes, you definitely made the right decision in putting yourself and your knee first. Knees are super important, as are you!!

  • Julie

    Thank you for this candid and inspirational post! Strange how we are socialized to see taking care of ourselves as something almost shameful. This is the first Curvy Yoga post I have read, and the honesty with which you share your feelings about this decision is a deep lesson. Will be reading more in the future!

    Hope your knee heals quickly.

  • Lyndawithay

    I was just about to sign up; and while I’m disappointed, I get it. It’s
    A lesson I need to teach myself. Hope you do class when you are healed.

  • http://yogaguide.wordpress.com Christine

    You rock Anna! Sending <3

  • Kathy Fischer

    Thank you so much for your honesty. Of course your healthy and well being are your first priority. Take care of yourself.

    • http://lisa@breathofyoga.net Lisa

      I’m sorry for your knee pain, but I’m thrilled that it gave you the opportunity to blossom. I didn’t sign up for a workshop, so I am in no way mad and am having a slightly difficult time understanding why anyone would be mad (other than Our *as in ME TOO* tendencies to grasp and cling and control our environment until we realize we don’t have control over these things.)
      Rest easy dearheart. You have just given everyone else permission to do the same, and I applaud you, and hope I can find the courage to act with as much integrity the next time I’m given the opportunity to blossom.
      With Love from Montana!

  • http://PlusSizeInnerPeace.com Stephanie Rainbow Bell


    You’ve got MY total and complete support not only for taking care of you — which is HUGE in and of itself, but also for sharing your journey with us in your usual fun, honest and soul-filled way!

    I sooooo appreciate you being YOU!

    Rainbow Blessings of Peace, Healing and MUCH, MUCH Joy!

    Stephanie Rainbow Bell, The Shame Buster
    P.S. I luv, LOVE, Lurv the expression “Shame Sandwich” . . . . GREAT description for how we get caught up in all that stuff that is SOOOO not our True Self! :) Hugs!

  • http://www.bodypositivityyoga.com Lisa ~ Fat Yogini

    Oh Anna,

    I can only imagine how hard a decision this was, especially with all the energy, effort and work you put into getting it all put together in the first place.

    I have enormous empathy for the war between a need for self-care and the shoulds and desire to make other people happy/comfortable. So inspiring and wonderful that you were able to choose self-care with the immense pressure of the situation and all those DIFFERENT people’s potential displeasure weighing on you. I am seriously awed.

    Well done – behind you all the way!


  • http://www.madamemunchies.blogspot.com teryll


    Blessings to you in this new part of your self-care journey! A shiny example, we could all learn a thing or two from you on this one, even the angry/disappointed ones!


  • http://blogs.psychcentral.com/weightless/ Margarita

    Anna, I’m so sorry to hear about your knee! Since you know we’re two peas in a pod (Pilates & yoga..hehe), I can totally relate to the automatic need to throw yourself under the bus — and to convince others. But I’m also so proud of you, and so inspired. Thank you for teaching all of us an important and essential lesson. I hope you feel better soon!!

    • http://www.drannbeckerschutte.com Ann Becker-Schutte


      I hope that your knee responds to all the pampering. I don’t have the disappointment of a cancelled session, because I wasn’t close enough to get to one. But, I understand all of those pressures–the first instinct of self-sacrifice, and the shame sandwich both sound familiar to me. I am so happy that you are putting your self-care front and center. What a lovely example. Sending all kinds of positive thoughts for healing and strength from Missouri!


  • Marci


    I’m moved and inspired by your bravery in doing what you need to do for you, notwithstanding the external (and internal!) pressure to do otherwise. Muah!! Here’s to self-care, to living your truth, and to surrendering to the truth that all really is well, no matter what. You are a shining light. Well done. Big hugs and best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery – full on namaste to you, girl!


    • http://www.soulbirdcreations.com Angel


      I know this decision took a lot of processing and all of the tools in your self-care toolkit! I’m so incredibly sorry to hear about what is going on with your knee. Above all, you are an AMAZING example to everyone of how important it is to listen to the body and take care of it- even if that means having to make big changes.

      I REALLY respect your continued commitment to self-care and being brave enough to model that for us. I feel protective of you when I read that some people have responded in anger and that it may even end relationships. I also know that you are able to navigate this and not take responsibility for other people’s stuff.

      Overall, I’m impressed by your integrity and honesty. You are a role model to me for how I want to run my business.

      Much love,

  • Tracey

    Anna, Thank you for being a teacher of truth. You (and we) THOUGHT the teaching was going to be in the form of curvyfest yoga classes and talks, and indeed that would have been inspirational.

    However, the Universe knows best what you (and all of US) needed to learn. And here it is. You are a brave and powerful truth teller. Speedy healing to you (and all of us)!

    Self care for everyone!

  • http://www.radiantoptimalwellness.com Rommy

    Hi Gorgeous!

    I read Danielle Leport (oh hell, you know I can;t spell) email this morning, I’m taking her suggestion to your news

    well, that sucks

    seriously, walking our walk is hard, sometimes I’d just rather have chocolate, but it really does help us heal, deeply, on the subtle level.

    My walk and practice has been to NOT teach with a migraine, even though I’ve had so much practice I can power through and ride the class energy to do so. Totally not the thing to do.

    sorry about your knee issue Anna and the subsequent event cancellation, that just sucks (makin’ DL proud here)

    love yourself up righteously!
    xo Rommy

  • http://fatgrrlrides.blogspot.com Marisa

    That sounds painful! I’m so glad you are taking care of yourself.


  • http://www.emmalambert.com Emmanuelle

    Oh Anna, you know what? This sucks. And yet, it is the best thing to do. I am feeling as guilty as hell when I cancel a class because I am not ok, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like to cancel a whole tour of workshops.
    I can only hope that you get better soon and by the time I get to the US (like, next year ;)) I’ll be able to take a class with you!

  • Alma

    So sorry about your knee Anna =( wishing you a speedy recovery…and also know that what you are doing (honoring your body) is a yoga practice in itself.

  • http://www.yogastart.com Justin Hakuta

    Well wishes to you and your knee! Thank you for creating a meaningful learning experience from a challenging opportunity.

    The YogaStart team has your back!


  • http://www.jenniferlouden.com Jennifer Louden

    chic pea breathing with you
    so honored to feel this through you – the peace, the not peace, the truth, the ick, the whole bit – I love you!

  • Nanci

    Anna, so sorry to hear about your knee. I’ll miss the CurveFest workshop and hope that you’ll be up and planning new adventures in yoga soon. Take care of yourself.


  • Joanne

    Congratulations on boundaries. As to the “angry” people, some were expecting you to fix them- and would remain angry as they can only fix themselves- others are plan old angry all the time-and have their own lessons to learn. An adult response at most would be disappointment, and of course concern over someone they admired-namely – you ! Heal, continue to grow- and blog as you are introspective and delightful to read.

  • http://www.IntuitiveBody.com Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Having had 2 knee surgeries I am so glad you are not putting yourself in harm’s way for any reason. And of course get the Shame Sandwich and the pressure to model what you teach. You already know you did what you needed to do and I know you’ll make peace with it, even though it hurts in so many ways. Other beautiful things will come from this and will watch to see what they are.
    Love and blessings..

  • Beth

    Oh Anna, you are sooooo amazing! Can I just memorize this?
    Kudos to you for choosing self care!!

  • Courtney

    You are an awesome woman!

  • amy

    aaargh! it’s very hard to postpone something you’ve worked so hard on and looked so forward to so much. wishing you luck with your recovery from injury. thank you for modeling what you teach about wellness and self-care, and for sharing your journey and insights with us!

  • http://www.whatcanigivetoday.wordpress.com Rachel Hillary

    I just have to say what an incredible role model you are. You are so brave, so honest, so in tune with your body and your values that I totally teared up reading this. I am so inspired by your (super smart, super sane, completely understandable and laudable) decision to honor your health and well-being and to consciously put self-care first. Thank you so much. Rock on.

    • Anna Guest-Jelley

      I hardly know where to begin, except with gratitude! I don’t want to flood everyone’s inbox, so I’m responding here with one comment to all of you fabulous people. Please know that I did have a mini conversation with each of you in my head/heart as I read through your comments again just now. :)

      A few things:
      1. To all of you who shared that you are in a similar boat, I am sending you so much LOVE! This situation has opened my eyes even more to just how prevalent this dilemma is. I’m also sending you compassion and radical self-kindness so that you can make the decision that is best for you. I imagine I’ll be mulling over this topic for quite some time, so if you guessed you’ll be seeing some thoughts on the blog in the coming weeks/months, you guessed correctly. :)

      2. YES, this is what yoga is all about! When we’re faced with constant messages like “the show must go on” or “it’s not okay to change your mind” or “other people’s needs are more important than mine,” I believe that yoga can and (I’ll go ahead and say it) should be a place to stem that tide. Of course, yoga allows us to work with injury and illness, too, which is awesome, but but I believe its role in helping us discern when it’s wise for us to continue and when its wise for us to step back can’t be understated.

      3. Oh my do we need a larger conversation about what modeling means for yoga teachers and how we can lay down the guilt when we aren’t well enough to teach. I will definitely be doing some work around this in the future!

      4. Thank you, thank you for your interest and invitations to further ways for us to connect with each other — in-person and virtually. I can confidently say that I have the best readers on the internet and that our community rocks! I can’t see anyone convincing me otherwise. :)

      I want to wrap-up with gratitude, too. I received so much encouragement from your comments, and I imagine we’ve all learned from each other through this discussion — which is one I’m sure will continue in various ways in the future.

      Keep rockin’ those curves!


  • Lauri Jo

    Thank you for modeling self-care and inspiring me to try to do the same!! I wish you a speedy recovery and love for yourself along the way!!

    • http://www.teachergoesbacktoschool.wordpress.com Tami — Teacher Goes Back to School

      dude, good job taking care of yourself. this post perfectly explains what’s up with why we usually don’t.

      i hope you recover completely and quickly.

      may i also mention i hope you reschedule when you are able? xo

  • http://www.bomb-shell-boutique.com/ Denise

    Nothing new to say here, but just wanted you to know how inspirational you are!

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  • http://www.hotloverevolution.com Michele Lisenbury Christensen

    Anna, I just got to this. SO inspiring, in that gritty way of all difficult voyages. Bless you for following your second instinct and walking through the baggage : ) Thank you for sharing it all, too, so beautifully.

  • Esther

    Hope you are doing well. You made the RIGHT choice! Can’t wait to meet you when you come to Gainesville.

  • http://eatingasapathtoyoga.wordpress.com Eating as a Path to Yoga

    Wow. Some EXCELLENT modeling for us curvy yogis: self-care, respect, listening to our bodies, & sitting with uncomfortable feelings.

    I’m truly sorry about your injury and cancelled tour, but what a window for the rest of us!