Sharing our wonderful new teachers is pretty much my favorite thing to do! This year I’ve switched up the certification process a bit, so some months we’ll have one or two people, and other months we’ll have lots. This is one of the months where I get to highlight one fabulous teacher — what a treat! 

Hilary Mughloo

Location: Alexandria, VA

Tell us a little about your relationship with yoga — both your practice and your teaching. I took my first yoga class in 1997 and have practiced since! With yoga as a framework I am able to navigate through life with more grace, compassion, attention, and bravery. I love demystifying yoga for people who I work with – it doesn’t have to ‘be’ anything other than what it is for you! Coming back to basics: practicing mindfulness + connecting to breath + bringing attention and awareness to the body (we have bodies!) and the mind (it doesn’t always tell the truth!) as the foundation of any practice.

Why do you want to bring Curvy Yoga to your community?  As a holistic health coach I work with women who are ready to stop dieting and start loving … their body + their life! I want to bring Curvy Yoga to my community because I know what  a powerful practice yoga can be in working toward love and patience – everyone needs more of those! I want to offer yoga to women who have written it off – either because they think they don’t fit the profile of a yoga student, or because they don’t see the value in ‘sitting’ and ‘stretching.’ There are a lot of health coaches out there who talk about what you should be eating. I guide women toward their own inner wisdom about how to eat and how to live and I believe yoga is a way home to that place.

What can folks expect when they take a class from you? I currently work with women both in private sessions and in small groups, where I incorporate yoga and mindfulness into all of the work around food + lifestyle. I believe how we feel about ourselves and our life can always be connected to not only the foods that we eat, but also what we tell ourselves about the food. My clients can expect to hear lots of questions about how they’re feeling, or want to feel! Getting rid of processed food, bringing in nutrient dense whole foods, while also beginning to practice yoga + mindfulness is the core of all my teachings.

What has been your favorite part of the certification process? My favorite part of the certification process has been coming to terms with all of my own hang-ups! Definitely not easy – but favorite nonetheless. Talking to Anna every couple weeks over 6 months (in the Curvy Yoga Mastery program) has really given me clarity about what I want to offer the women I work with – and the action steps to take so I can create a health coaching + yoga business that will continue to grow and serve women. Plus, Anna always made me laugh wicked hard. Thank you, Anna!

How can people get in touch with you?  People can find me on my Website, Facebook & Twitter.