Why Telling Our Stories Is Already Changing the World

“Curvy Voices curated by Curvy Yoga is life changing. I have encouraged real life friends to read it and they are loving it.” ~Seen on Twitter

The past several days since Curvy Voices came out have been a sheer delight. As people are downloading and reading, the feedback is pouring in.

The most recent feedback is how deeply people are seeing themselves reflected back from the pages within. Even people who have never, or rarely, practiced yoga are feeling this way.

And that’s because this book is about so much more than the physical practice of asana.

It’s really about coming home to ourselves.

Through stories of eating disorders, cancer, loss, relationships, fertility challenges, friendships, sexual assault, incredible mentors, illness, injury and so much more, the writers are opening up their hearts and their journeys.

What’s Yoga Got to Do with It?

Yoga is a common thread in all of these stories; it’s a brilliant tool for many people. Because what’s really showing up in these pages is capital Y Yoga as a life practice. Yoga as a technology for wholeness. Yoga as life.

To me, this book is a gathering of friends. It’s sitting in a circle and sharing our to-the-bone stories — through tears and laughter and hugs.

We Need You

So here’s what I’d like you to do (if you haven’t already) — download and read this book.

Sit down with a cup of tea and soak it in.

Read your favorite parts to your loved one over breakfast, like a friend told me she did the other morning.

Let the words and stories weave their way into your heart and open it up wide — because they will.

When you feel a catch form in your throat, receive it. Let the tears come if they do.

Let yourself feel what comes up for you as you engage with these voices, as you hear your community speak.

Leave a comment about the stories that most resonated with you and why.

Drop into whatever desires and dreams it brings up in you like all that is holy.

Expand the Circle

And then — add your voice.

I’ve been hearing from people who are disappointed that they didn’t send a story in to be included in the book. The good news is that it’s never too late! Share this book and tell your own story.

If you have a blog, do it there. Come back here and share the link so we can all bask in your wisdom.

If you don’t, tell a friend, leave it here in the comments, write it in your journal, call up your favorite family member and fill him/her in.

Because our stories, our deep and abiding feeling that we are both seen and heard — and that we can do the same for others, is what transformation is all about (both individually and as a community).

So get sharing.

Unleash your voice.

Give others the gift of your presence.

And send this book to the many people you know will benefit from the support of a loving community that gets them, even if we’ve never met.


Click here to sign up and get your free copy! (FYI: You’ll get a few messages before the links arrive. Once they do, the download may take a minute, but it’s totally worth the wait. Let me know if you have any issues with it.)


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  • Tina

    There but the slip of the cup and the lip [and a few years … and another blog I’ve loyally kept on a famous commercial goal-setting site (until recently)] … and yours truly would have contributed …

    But from my perusal of Curvy Voices (and I look at it at the job, so only about 3/4ths of it) the writers – poignant and funny and grateful and scared – blow yours truly out of the water … and SOME people know I can write (and not just parse grammatically correct sentences together) …

    Oh, yeah, what works in a yoga class for a 20 year old size 12+ may not work for a 55 year old size 12+ They had a couple of the traditional demographic for hatha yoga (in the current times, the age of us Baby Boomers) represented in Curvy Voices!!!

    And the “stereotypical yoga-bodied” instructors who love to teach to the amply endowed and/or dimensionally-challenged (if flexible) yogis.

    Because yoga is not about resembling the photographer’s model or the spokesyogini …

    That said, I have recently previewed THE an advanced beginner offering of Susan Winter Ward. Seems that this video is all about hip flexibility. I’d actually have to do what I can with it … I know the pace of it will calm me down.

    Yoga as tranquilizer. Just like it had been 25 years ago. I’d been in a yoga class 20 years ago, then took a hiatus from yoga that spanned about 10 to 15 years … (after the first 10, I’d done yoga-like stretching exercises for 10 minutes at a clip.)

    So how about this Susan Winter Ward, for example? A happy medium between Sleepytime Yoga and Let’s Channel Tao Porchon-Lynch Yoga … and for all ages; and not marketed insultingly as the only class for me as a baby boomer who looks like they didn’t minor in modern dance in college…

  • Anna Guest-Jelley

    Thanks for sharing, Tina! I agree; the diversity of voices in this conversation is definitely inspiring.

  • Peggy Joan

    Anna and friends,
    I am so excited about Curvy Voices! However, I must humbly ask for help. I received my email confirmation, clicked download, but do not know how to open it. Do I need Word on my computer–I do not have it. I would appreciate any help. I am so eager to read Voices! It sounds as if you all love it. yay!

  • http://www.curvyyoga.com Anna

    Hi Peggy Joan,

    It’s a PDF, so you should be able to open it without Word. Send me an email at anna@curvyyoga.com, and I’ll send it to you directly. That might help.

    Anyone else reading this who needs help is welcome to do the same!

  • Gina

    Anna….I think you should do a film documentary next! Really!

  • http://www.curvyyoga.com Anna

    Not a bad idea, Gina! I’ll keep it in mind. :)