I really love it when I find out about new resources for curvy yogis.  It feels like such a treat to get new tools for my curvy toolbox!

The fantastic Marilyn Wann, author of FAT!SO?, recently connected me with Sally Pugh.  Sally is Marilyn’s yoga teacher, so right away I knew she was someone I’d want to know.   Sally teaches yoga for large women, and she just released a DVD!  I ordered a copy immediately, and as soon as I received it I began practicing with it regularly.

The DVD, Expanding into Fullness: Yoga for Large Women is a complete delight.  Sally has sequenced a lovely, gentle class for practitioners of many different sizes, abilities, and experience levels.  Throughout the video, she offers many modifications, including many using a chair (and finding a good video with chair modifications is difficult!).

Besides Sally’s warm presence and the obvious care she put into developing this resource, my favorite thing about the DVD is that Sally’s students are the people demonstrating the poses!  These women are seriously amazing.  They are graceful and demonstrate the modifications in ways that are easy to follow.  I wanted to befriend all of them immediately.  And because of the interviews included with them on the DVD, I was able to feel like I did.

If you’re looking for an excellent DVD to add to your collection or to begin practicing yoga, I highly recommend this one (check out the trailer below).