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I know that when you’re ready to get started with yoga, you’re ready! That’s why I’ve created this quick start guide to get you all the info you need, at your fingertips.

You ready? Let’s go!

How To Find a Curvy Friendly Yoga Class

You want to try a yoga class, but you have no idea how to find one that is welcoming and can support your needs, right? Well, look no further. This guide will have you scoping out classes in your local area in no time.


What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

You’re ready to head out to class, but what on earth are you going to wear? What do other people wear? Don’t worry — I’ve gotcha covered.


How To Figure Out What To Do in Your Home Yoga Practice

You’re interested in starting yoga at home, but you have no idea how to get started. This will walk you through your options so you could even get started today!


Take Curvy Yoga Out for a Whirl — For Free!

Try some Curvy Yoga videos and practices at home — for free!


15 Books that Shaped My Body Lovin’ Journey

Want some inspiration on your own body lovin’ path? These are the books that did it for me.