When more curvy people practice yoga…

Body diversity becomes the norm in yoga classes, not the exception.

People of all shapes and sizes benefit.

Shame getsĀ put on notice.

Yoga teachers will deepen their teaching and become even more skillful at meeting their students’ needs.

We get to practice with more of our friends, family, colleagues & neighbors.

Yoga will be more reflective of our broader community.

Body acceptance can slowly become our new paradigm.

Yoga teachers will be able to grow their classes & support themselves with more ease.

When someone says “I can’t do yoga because…” we can confidently say “Yes, you can.”

Yoga itself benefits by learning from the wisdom of more people’s bodies and experiences.

Body images will improve — not just for the practitioners themselves.

Yoga teachers everywhere will be able to invite more students to the mat.

Authenticity rules the day.

And, really, who knows what amazing things can happen — the more people who are tuned into their bodies and living from their internal wisdom, the more inspiring & beautiful things can transpire!


Yoga teachers, do you want to join me in this vision? We’re working towards it in my new course, Curvy Yoga Exploration. Registration ends tomorrow night — hope you’ll join us in a world that I have no doubt is already on its way.


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